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Astronomical Observatory Javornik

The Astronomical Society Javornik, which is based in Ljubljana, was established in 1979 on the basis of the Astronomical section of the Natural Science Society. Soon after its (Astronomical Society Javornik) establishment, the society started the construction of the observatory on the location Kresov grič under Javornik nad Črnim Vrhom, 1150 metres above sea level.


Astronomical Observatory Javornik includes work and living areas, which can house up to 12 people. Beside the main building there are two domes and a dome-wreath. Amateur astronomers and visitors can observe the sky with their naked eye or with binoculars and telescopes of different sizes, which are part of the observatory's inventory, or they can bring their own instruments to the observatory. The Observatory also has a solar telescope, which is used to observe the Sun in H-alpha. One of the domes includes the observatory's largest telescope, the mirror's diameter of which is 30 centimetres. The observatory's activities include astrophotography, radioastronomy and the observation of meteors, small planets, the Sun and variables. In 2001 the Observatory organized the International Meteor Conference.


Astronomical Society Javornik, Ljubljana


The main task of the Astronomical Society Javornik is connecting amateur astronomers across entire Slovenia, focusing on the exchange of knowledge and experience. The society also contributes to the popularisation of astronomy by keeping the public up-to-date about the current astronomical occurrences and by organizing public observations of the Sun, the Moon, comets, eclipses and all the fascinating occurrences regarding planets and other bigger occurrences regarding astronomy. As part of the educating process since 1978 the society also organizes annual youth camps and offers guided tours for primary school children and shares its knowledge with whomever takes interest in astronomy. Regional importance

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The Astronomical Society Javornik connects amateur astronomers from across entire Slovenia and contributes greatly to the popularisation of astronomy with keeping the public up-to-date with current astronomical events. The society organizes group observations of the Sun, the Moon, comets, eclipses and the most fascinating occurrences regarding planets and other occurrences in the sky. At the Astronomical Observatory Javornik they organize guided tours of dark sky observing for groups.

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