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Dylevsko Kale

Medieval ellipse fortress Dylevsko Kale


Dyulevsko Kale fortress is situated on the left bank of the river Luda Yana 3km south of the Strelchansko kale fortress. It has the shape of an ellipse and covers an area of about 1 ha. Supposedly, it has served to guard the mountain gorge or it was part of a feudal castle. Its location is north-east - shouth-west at 60-70 m height above the river level.


Ministry of Culture, National Institute of immovable cultural heritage, Municipality of Strelcha, Historical Museum of Strelcha


The ruins are an interesting archaeological site with local, national and transnational significance for tourists and professionals as it provides information about mideval military architecture and guarding systems. It is also an ideal place for relaxation, especially in nice weather. Transnational importance

Potential usability

Problem is the lack of targeted funding for the conservation of immovable cultural heritage and building of infrastructure. Funds are necessary to assist the public bodies and private owners of immovable cultural resources to carry out this activity under the law when they are sloppy or unable to do so. One of the hotspots of conservation problems is the lack of a Trust Fund to serve as a financial guarantee of protection. The Operational Program "Regional Development" will provide an opportunity to develop projects that foster cultural heritage sites as tourist attractions. The municipalities are beneficiaries under this program. The Restoration, conservation and socialization of the remains of fortresses alongside the river Luda Yana in the territory of the municipality Strelcha, and improving access to them, will turn them into an attractive cultural tourist destinations.

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