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Apatin Brewery

Apatin Brewery is one of the oldest companies within the entire brewery industry on the territory of former Yugoslavia and the oldest industrial facility in the town of Apatin. It represents a valuable industrial heritage.


First established as a small craft workshop in 1756, Apatin Brewery represents the oldest production organization in the town, and at the same time one of the oldest companies within the entire brewery industry in Serbia. Soon after its establishment and due to numerous favourable elements, the Brewery grows into a real industrial company in the 18th century, with the most modern production process at the time. Regarding the old industrial compound, only a few facilities have remained: Old Administration Building is a typical example of an industrial building dating back to the late 19th century; former residential building situated to the right of the gate is a restaurant now; production facility is the only preserved building of the original production process. The brewery is one of the oldest industrial facilities of Apatin which played an important role in the development and prosperity of the town. The mentioned preserved buildings have a historical significance which should be preserved in the original form.


Collective ownership - Apatin Brewery-StarBev Group Company


Apatin Brewery is one of the oldest industrial facilities in Apatin. It is a valuable source of information about a long-lasting beer production tradition in Serbia and as such represents a valuable industrial heritage. National importance

Potential usability

Being part of cultural heritage, the brewery has great potential. A part of the brewery is open to organized visits, for groups and excursions. In the future, the brewery will be open for visits by students, pupils, senior citizens, tourists and everyone else who is interested, with the aim of informing the public about the history of the company and beer production.

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