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Arboretum of Zirc

The Arboretum of Zirc is Hungary's highest-lying arboretum in the garden of the Cistercian Abbey of Zirc.


The Arboretum of Zirc with its english garden is very famous amongst visitors. It is located in the garden of the Cistercian Abbey of Zirc. The botanic garden lies at a 20 hectares area. The aim of creating this arboretum was to collect the plants of the Bakony. There are more than 600 tree species in the area. (for example: Chines giant redwood, Lebanon cedar and yew). A stone bridge is part of the botanic garden as well, which was built in 1759. The Cuha creek crosses the arboretum. In 1855 a new bed was dug for the stream. Today a reconstruction is going on in the garden.


Balaton Uplands National Park


The Arboretum of Zirc has a regional importance. There are lot of plants which are very rare. Many plants come from other continents. Regional importance

Potential usability

Currently major renovations are going on in the Arboretum area but it can be visited. In the Arboretum a big digital map guides the visitor in the area. A similar map could be used by other cultural sites as well. Concerts are is organised regularly so this is a complete tourist attraction.

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