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Cave Lake of Tapolca

The Cave Lake of Tapolca is unigue in Central Europe, it is famous of it's karst-water.


The Cave Lake of Tapolca is a unique spectacle in the Central Europe, it is located in the town centre of Tapolca. The cave with the lake was discovered in 1902 and 10 years later it was opened to the visitors. The lower chambers and some parts of the upper corridors of the three-level cave is filled with karst water. The temperature of the water is 19oC. A 300 meters long part of the flooded corridors is open for tourists. They can use small boats to explore the cave. The healing power of the cave’s special climate is known for a long time. The extremely clean air and constant temperature help lot of patients suffering from asthma, allergy.


Balaton Uplands National Park


In Central Europe a unique attraction, the cave is located in the heart of the city. The therapeutic effects of the cave are well-known. National importance

Potential usability

The excellent climate of the cave helps to cure medical problems. Health toursim could be further developed. With this development the city could create more incomes.

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