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Church and Convent of Saint Francis from Assisi

In Castelvecchio Subequo is a small church dedicated to Saint Francis and an adjacent convent of Saint Mary, where in XIII century, miracles took place. Since then, every year many people go to visit the church and hope for miracles.


Small local church of Saint Francis and adjacent convent of Saint Mary. In 1216, Saint Francis received the small church of Saint Mary from the Barons of Celano together with the land which surrounded the Castle of Vetulo. Between 1216 and 1221 the first part of a convent was built. In 1238 the Castle was owned by the Baron Trasmondo. In 1267, Fra Giacomo, Bishop of Sulmona, allowed the building of a wider church and permitted to finish the building works inside the convent. In 1288 the church of Saint Francis and the adjacent convent of Saint Mary were consecrated by the Bishop of Sabina. In 1294 the future Pope Celestine V expressed his desire to stop by in Castelvecchio in order to visit the church and the convent. Here, he made a miracle. Since then, every 28th August, many people go to visit the church and hope for miracles. The complex is composed of two cloisters; one which was built in the medieval period and another one which was built in XIX century.


Convent of Saint Francis Tel. +39 0864/79135 (located in Municipality of Castelvecchio Subequo)


The function of the church and of the convent were and are religious, therefore the church today is a place where people pray and renew their belief. National importance

Potential usability

he current usage of the church is to gather people and to evoke the ancient miracles of Pope Celestine V. The church is currently in use and well known. However, further development potentials can be the restoration of some frescos in the cloister, as some of them were ruined during the centuries.

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