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Country house Pristava

Country house Pristava in the middle of botanical garden above Javorniški Rovt.


Country house Pristava is significant of its usage through time. It was always a residential building, nowdays is more a touristic place. It was built in 1641 and it is protected because of its historical significance. It stands above the village Javorniški Rovt. In the past, the supervisors who worked in mining industry, resided in the building. The famous botanist Karel Zois also lived there. He arranged botanical garden called Zois's park in vicinity to the Pristava building. A flower known as Zois's Violet can be found on the slopes of the Karavanks. This park has beautiful exotic and domestic trees and three lakes that are full of small interesting living beings. Nearby is also known location of fossils and Carboniferous rocks which attract professional collectors and amateur collectors.

Source: Tourist guide to the Jesenice area


Municipality of Jesenice


Pristava with the Zois's park is a nice place to relax in nature and an excellent starting point for hiking trips, including the highest peaks of Karavanks. It is used as home for mountain hikers and other visitors, who can eat and use sleeping services. Local importance

Potential usability

Pristava has small conference room (up to 20 persons), which could be used for team building conferences for smaller companies.

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