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The Gallery 'Milan Konjović (Tuner's House or Gale's House)

House on Saint Trinity Square, which was purposefully built to be a pharmacy, represents one of the most important buildings in the town. It has hosted a gallery of paintings by Milan Konjović since 1966.


In the fourth act of the charter signed by Maria Theresa granting Sombor the status of a “free and royal town”, permission was given to town authorities to grant a concession for opening a pharmacy. The first Sombor pharmacy 'Kod zlatnog lava', that was opened in 1766 by Ferdinand Plank, a pharmacist from Osijek, was located in the same building, on whose foundation the pharmacist from Sombor, Franc Tuner built his own house in 1838. Norberto Bonđeli, the surgeon from Sombor, took over the pharmacy when Plank suddenly died in 1772. After him, in the same place, Ignjac Bileg opened a pharmacy in 1777, and his widow sold it in 1792, to Martin Tuner, the father of Franc Tuner. The new Tuner’s building, a freestanding two-storey building with façade in Biedermeier style with rectangular base and prominent horizontal division, had in its front part a protuberance with a stone framed gate, two windows on the ground floor and three windows with rectangular frames on the first floor. A pharmacist, Emil Gale rented the pharmacy from Tuner family in 1864 and finally bought the building in 1881. The pharmacy changed several owners until it was confiscated in 1944. Purposefully and thoroughly redecorated Tuner’s or Gale’s house today hosts the gallery of paintings by Milan Konjović (1898-1993), opened on 10 September 1966 as the legacy to his native town. After the renovation there are eight exhibit rooms covering the area of 170m2 in the former Tuner’s house. The gallery exhibits the collection of 1,083 works of the renowned Sombor’s painter (oils, tempera, aquarelles, pastels and drawings), that were painted between 1913 and 1990. There is also a rich hemeroteque of 43 albums from 1914 to the present.


1. Gallery 'Milan Konjović'2. Institute for the Protection of Culture Monuments of Vojvodina Province


In addition to historic and architectural significance, this cultural monument is currently operating as a gallery belonging to the group of the most famous ones not only in Sombor, but also in the entire Serbia. Today, Gale's House hosts the gallery 'Milan Konjović', founded in 1964, and opened to the public in 1966. The collection is a legacy of five hundred works of art which were given as a gift to his place of birth by the artist, and today has over 1,000 paintings. The exhibition is a monographic presentation of artwork by Konjović in the long period of time from 1913 to 1990, in oil, pastel, watercolours, drawings and tapestry techniques. In addition to retrospective exhibitions, the Gallery occasionally organizes thematic exhibitions. The Gallery has hosted 11 chronological and 48 thematic exhibitions so far. It is open to the cooperation with similar institutions in the country and abroad, which contributes to its positive promotion. Furthermore, it has developed a comprehensive publishing activity and boasts rich documentary holdings. National importance

Potential usability

Gallery Milan Konjović is one of the most frequently visited cultural institutions not only in Sombor, but also in Western Bačka County. This unavoidable institution in tourism and cultural sightseeing of the town offers great potential as the justified part of tourist offer in Sombor.

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