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Gorsium Open-air Museum - Archeological Garden

The Gorsium Open-air Museum is the part of the King St. Stephen Museum of Székesfehérvár, today it is a location for a wide variety of cultural programmes .


Tác is a settlement in Fejér county, not far from Székesfehérvár, where Roman ruins were found. In the 1st century after Christ there was a military camp the size of 200 hectares. In the 3rd century a new settlement was built. Excavations were made between 1934 and 1939 at the area. Since 1960 the visitors can use an informative catalogue during their tour. The Open-Air Museum opened in 1962. Since then visitors can see the ancient times by permanent exhibition, stone store and cultural programmes. The cultural heritage of the ancient times are cultivated by holding programmes such as performances (Floralia: 28 April-3 May; Ludi Romani: at the end of summer) gladiator games and military marching's. The archaeological park is open all year round.


King St Stephen Museum Székesfehérvár


The Gorsium Open Air Museum has a regional importance. The Gorsium tries to distribute and preserve the ancient cultural values. Regional importance

Potential usability

The Gorsium serves as open-air museum and archaeological park. It is regularly a theatre scene as well. Amongst the programs the Open Air Museum is very popular but it would be good if more people would visit outside the events as well. Maybe this could be achieved with a better marketing campaign.

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