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Jureč farm

The Jurec farm is an old house in Ledine plateau.


The Jureč farm was built in the late Middle ages, although it is not clear in what extent it existed at that time. From the oldest given sources we can determine, that the farm existed already before 1630, when the owner, mister Jureč - Jurjočič, bought the existing large estate in Ledine. Another source states that the village had four farms, while one of them, named Jakob Jurijevič, is actually part of Krnice. The acquired data confirms the fact that the existing house was already established at the brink of the 18th century. Oral tradition tells us that the house beam entails the engraved year of 1777, which is covered by the façade and therefore not visible. The current state of the house has its origins at the beginning of the 19th century. The Jureč farm is an old house of the Jurijevič large estate, which was with a municipal decree declared a cultural monument of local importance. On expert basis the proclamation of the house as a cultural monument was followed by the first protection regime, which established the protection of the house's interior and exterior in its original or refurbished form. Seeing that the house does not have any stone details, the stone was most probably replaced by artistic ornaments. At the beginning of the 19th century the house was adorned by an anonymous artist or a paint-workshop. The main façades of the house, the southern and the eastern, were painted. There are illustrations of window and door frames, while the entire southern façade is illustrated with a network of Baroque pilaster frames. Above the entrance on the northern façade there is a smaller illustrated niche, which entails a wooden statue of God, the work of the folk artist, Tinek Šubic.




The house is an important part of Idrija's cultural heritage. Experts see it as an architecturally unique case of typical construction of homesteads in the 17th century. Its particular feature are illustrations on the southern façade of the house. Local importance

Potential usability

The house is a private property, where people currently live. Visits and a detailed historical overview of the house are possible with previously made arrangements. The building is not regarded as a tourist attraction, as all the visits depend on the owner's kindness. If the house were renovated according to the given preservation and renovation plans, it would, alongside the neighbouring house - the Tourist farm 'Pr Jureč', be extremely suitable for the development of agricultural tourism.

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