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Kenda Manor

Two-storied manor country-house in Spodnja Idrija.


Kenda Manor is a two-storied L-shaped manor country-house in Spodnja Idrija, which was first mentioned already in 1377. The impressive country manor, which was owned by the Kenda family who was responsible for the economic and cultural development of the entire village, is situated just above the Idrijca river valley. The manor itself is beautifully designed and has architectural features very typical of these parts of Slovenia. In its central axis it has a semi-circular stone portal and a steep roof. Close to the manor one can find a beautifully ornamented granary, which belonged to the manor's landlords. The granary was painted in 1796 by a vagabond painter with interesting local motifs, as for example the “tree of life”. The manor and the granary were in 1986 certified as an immobile cultural heritage. Today, the manor is refurbished and houses a five-star hotel with a restaurant. It offers 11 luxury rooms furnished with original 19th century furniture.




The manor currently houses a luxury country hotel with 11 rooms and an accompanying gastronomic offer. It offers a typical local cuisine and is available for weddings, celebrations, business meetings and tourists seeking cultural amenities as well. It carries great local importance, since hotel accommodation in these parts is scarce, but due to its five-star exclusive offers it holds a wider, regional importance. It is particularly important for business guests visiting the two multinational companies located in the vicinity. From its cultural point of view it is also important since it represents a wealthier rural country-house and because it is well preserved and authentic despite its commercial activities.

Potential usability

The manor is already in tourist use and offers hotel accommodation, food and space for various events. It is an example of how a 14th century protected cultural heritage building can be used for commercial purposes but at the same time manages to preserve its original appearance and authenticity. However, it could be more integrated within the local tourist offer, since it is now a tourist object on its own.

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