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Kolpern at Old Sava

Kolpern was a warehouse for storage of charcoal.


Kolpern was built by the blast furnace where charcoal was required as fuel for smelting of iron ore. A map, dating from 1808, shows a smaller building west of today's Kolpern. The building was extended many times and in 1868 survey it is presented in a cluster of four connected buildings. When the blast furnace ceased operation in the 19th century, the use of the buildings changed. Only one remains. It was renovated in 2009 as a facility for protocol or cultural events.

Source: brochure Kolpern


Municipality of Jesenice, Jesenice Museum


Today the building of Kolpern is renovated and used for protocol events, other cultural events and weddings. Local importance

Potential usability

The building of Kolpern could host seminars and workshops. The main hall is large enough to organize annual dances which could be based on charity.

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