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Nagyvázsony Castle


It was built in theXV.th Century in a peaceful surrounding. Because of no wars and attacks it served as a residence for nobility. Our famous Hungarian soldier, Kinizsi Pál got this castle for his prowess from King Mátyás. After his death it went from one hand to the other and in the XVII.th Century it was used as a prison. It was revealed and reconstructed in the XXth Century.


Kinizsi Nonprofit Ltd. Nagyvázsony


The system of the castles formed a Hungarian defense system against the Osman’s attacks and conquests. It formed a more or less continuous defense line during the Turkish occupation. The castles have two functions. They gave shelter to the people around the castle, but they also disturbed the supply routes of the enemies. It has mainly historical importance, visiting these castles one can be a part of hungarian history and also can relax in the Balaton Upland's nature, wineyards and the beautiful view of this territory

Potential usability

Some castles are in use and has a regional importance and some of them are out of interest. A lot of events, community programs, castle games, wine days are arranged trough the year in and around the castles and towns according to the season and these events and historical monuments attract the tourists and make different kind of jobs available. For example: in handcraft, winery, tourism. Some years ago there were a 'competition' when the tourist could get a stamp in a tour-book after visiting one of the mentioned castels. If one had the all stem got a symbolic present, but the essence of it is to get to know our country and history. With some good ideas they can be kept in mind.

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