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Old Sava

Old Sava, former iron-working settlement, is today the central part of the town of Jesenice.


Old Sava (Stara Sava) is an old iron-working and residential settlement that used to be the heart of the city. Today it is protected as a technical monument. The most important sights in this former residential area are: the Bucelleni-Ruard Manor, the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary and St. Roch (an example of Jesuit architecture in Slovenia from the 17th century), a workers’ residential building called “Kasarna”, the remains of the foundry and ironworks, a restored iron furnace chimney and a mill.

Source: brochure Old Sava


Municipality of Jesenice, Jesenice Museum


Today Old Sava is protected as a cultural monument and houses the Jesenice Museum and its collection. Local importance

Potential usability

Old Sava, as an old iron foundry has a huge local importance. The settlement has been renovated and on the main square could organize events (theatre, outside cinema in the summer, concerts, local fairs and other tourism events based on iron history).

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