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Roman Italic temple

In Castel di Ieri, is a Roman Temple of Republican age with mosaics and inscriptions on the floor, built in the proximity of a grassland area, used by local shepherds in ancient, primitive times


A Roman Temple of Republican age. In the small hamlet of Piedi Franci, in 1987 a Roman temple of Republican age was recovered. It is composed of four faces with a magnificent stairway, some ruins of pillars, a high shaped podium, ruins of ancient cells with mosaics and inscriptions on the floor. There are also ruins of an ancient worship statue. The Roman temple had a religious function. Furthermore, it was very close to another temple, which dates back to IV-III century B.C. The proximity of the two temples, which were built on the way up to the Plateau, indicates that the area has been used as grassland by local shepherds until recent times. Therefore, the area was undoubtfully important in prehistoric times for primitive italic peoples.


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The temple is of local importance; the whole area is rich of archaeological find (there is another temple nearby; there are more recent churches in the proximity), which all make the site interesting and valuable from an historic and religious point of view. Therefore, it is for these reasons that the cultural value is important: it is at the core of a tourist area, full of history and intersting from a religious point of view. Local Importance

Potential usability

the current usage of the temple is for tourists and visitors. The temple is part of a general sightseeing of the town of Castel di Ieri and of its surroundings, therefore further development of its potential might be foreseen, for instance by disseminating more information about the temple and about its functions in the past; special tours could be organised to see the temple and the surrounding area.

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