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Rupestrian Church of Saint Rocco

In the hamlet of Ripa, there is the rupestrian church dedicated to Saint Rocco, excavated in a cave and located on a natural terrace. Inside there are altars and frescos, a blue roof with stars and a concrete/rocky floor.


Rupestrian church of Saint Rocco. In the suggestive hamlet of Ripa in the small village of Fagnano Alto, there is the rupestrian (cave) church dedicated to Saint Rocco. The church is almost excavated in a cave and located on a natural terrace upon which tourists can enjoy a spectacular view. Inside, there are two altars and some frescos. On the outside the church has two small side windows, a simple door and a squared window upon it. The floor is made of squared tiles and concrete, while the roof is made of rocks and is 2,5-3 meters high. Inside, there is an altar with a fresco representing Jesus Christ and Saint Antonio from Padua. There is also a small niche with St. Mary. On the right handside, there is another fresco, more ancient than the other one, which represents Saint Sebastian and Saint Rocco. Behind the altar there are ruins of another fresco, with flowers and a faible image of Saint. Mary. On the roof, blue stars are painted.


The Church (Diocese of the city of L'Aquila): Tel. +39 0862 25548 (located in Municipality of Fagnano Alto)


The function of the cultural value was and is religious, moreover its architecture and position has raised the interest in many tourists, which visit the church for both religious and architectural reasons. Local imporatnce

Potential usability

The current usage of the cave church is religious and architectural. As a matter of fact, tourists visit the church for both religious purposes and for its magnificent architecture and structure excavated in the mountain rock. However, the value could be further developed, for instance the frescos could be refurbished, as well as the stars on the roof. The floor could be restored and made more uniform (at present it is made of tiles and concrete).

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