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Slovenia Partisan Printshop

The Slovenia Partisan Printshop preserves the memory of the time during the Second World War when the resistance movement printed the only daily newspaper in occupied Europe.


The Slovenia Partisan Printshop near Vojsko is one of the best preserved authentic historical monuments from the time of the Second World War. It was the largest and technically best equipped Slovene Partisan printshop in the Slovenian Littoral. The printshop was set up in a hidden place near a rushing spring called V Studencih on the advice of a local, Peter Kogej, from the village of Ogalce near Vojsko. In summer 1944 the wood for the barracks was cut and assembled in secret at the Gačnik sawmill, and then the numbered beams and planks were transported and assembled in the selected location overnight. They built the machine shop, the kitchen and dining hall, the type shop, the binding shop, and the central power plant. This was required to run a printing press with an electric motor. Colleagues of the Partisan printers bought a large, modern electric automated printing press in Milan at a cost of one million lira. They transported it, disassembled, in a truck to Gorizia. From there the parts of the printing press were hidden among various loads carried by draft animals to Vojsko. Then they carried it piece by piece into the printshop’s machine shop, where they reassembled it. The printshop, which they named “Slovenia,” began operation on 17 September 1944. The next morning the first 4,000 copies of Partizanski dnevnik (Partisan Daily) were distributed through courier relay stations on Mt. Hum. The Partisan Daily, with 4,000 to 7,000 copies daily, was the only daily newspaper in occupied Europe printed by the resistance movement. Forty to fifty people worked in the printshop, which was never discovered by the enemy, and it remained in operation until 1 May 1945. Altogether they printed 228 editions of ten different newspapers, covering 825 pages, for a total output of over one million issues.

Opening hours: from 15th of April to 15th of October,  daily from 9.00 to 16.00
For more information call +386 5 37 26 600 or send an email on  tajnistvo@muzej-idrija-cerkno.si


Idrija Municipal Museum


The Slovenia Partisan Printshop is an important memorial of the Second World War. Six barracks with the original equipment are available for viewing, and the printing press still in working order attracts special attention. The Idrija Municipal Museum has taken exemplary care of all the buildings and the entire inventory for over fifty years, which is why the legendary press can still print today. National importance

Potential usability

The Slovenia Partisan Printshop is preserved in its entirety and has been open to visitors as a cultural and historical monument ever since 1947. The Idrija Municipal Museum curates the museum collection. Every year it hosts roughly 1,300 visitors, of these around 400 as part of organized school groups. A visit to the Slovenia Partisan Printshop would be a nice stop on the bicycling descent from Vojsko to Idrija.

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