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Sombor National Theatre

Sombor National Theatre represents one of the most representative theatres in Serbia. It was built in 1882 in Neoclassicist style.


Young writer and prefecture clerk Jovan Đorđević (uncle and sustainer of well-known Serbian writer Stevan Sremac) together with members of Serbian Youth founded Serbian Theatre Association in March 1850 in Sombor. In only a short time the Association performed a dozen plays. After he left Sombor, Jovan Đorđević established Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad in 1861 and National Theatre in Belgrade in 1868. He brought from Sombor to Belgrade a young and talented Milka Grgurova, who was soon to become a prima donna of Serbian theatre life ('Serbian Sara Bernar'). The Association for theatre construction in Sombor was founded in 1877 and an open competition for the elaboration of building plan was announced and the project by Adolf Vajt from Papa near Požun was chosen. The theatre was built by autumn 1882 in classicist style with eclectic elements. The original facade was rather monumental and ended with a triangle front. Two pillars of this projecting part of the façade had Ionic capitals. Since there was not a professional theatre ensemble in Sombor, the town rented the theatre building to visiting Serbian, Hungarian and German theatre troupes that, due to modern and beautiful building, gladly and frequently visited Sombor. First professional town theatre ensemble, under the name of Sombor National Theatre, was established in 1946. Since then, Sombor National Theatre performed 470 premieres and thousands and thousands plays both in Sombor and in many towns all over the countries of former Yugoslavia. Today, Sombor National Theatre represents one of the most respectable and successful professional theatres in Serbia, and some of its plays frequently gain the cult character among the theatrical audience across the country. The first renovations in the interior of the building were conducted on its 100th anniversary in 1982, when it was successfully enlarged by application of purposeful architectural solutions.


1. National Theatre in Sombor2. Institute for the Protection of Culture Monuments of Vojvodina Province


National Theatre in Sombor is one of the elite theatres in Serbia and is of great significance on the national level. The most outstanding directors of their generations directed in Sombor (Mata Milošević, Marko Fotez, Jovan Putnik, Slavoljub Stefanović Ravasi, Ljubomir Draškić, Dejan Mijač, Paolo Madjeli, Vida Ognjenović, Dimitrije Jovanović, Stevo Žigon, Petar Veček, Zoran Ratković, Ljuboslav Majera, Jagoš Marković, Dušan Petrović, Kokan Mladenović, Gorčin Stojanović, Radoslav Milenković, Egon Savin, Ljubiša Ristić). Two of its managers, Žiga Jasenović and Nikola Peca Petrović, are part of the history of National Theatre in Sombor, since they introduced it into the group of the most important theatres in the country and abroad. National importance

Potential usability

National Theatre in Sombor has retained its elite features and reputation of great theatre for centuries. Since 1993 theatre seasons end with the Theatre Marathon Festival. During three days and nights of the festival, all the plays, i.e. the premieres from the latest theatre season are performed as well as the plays of visiting theatres’, theatre groups and students of faculties of dramatic arts. In the future more attention should be paid to creation of contents that would make theatre repertory closer to potential tourists.

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