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The Church of St. Lenart at Murova

St. Lenart’s Church at Murova is considered to be one of the most beautiful sacral buildings in the oldest part of the town Jesenice, called Murova.


Todays church of St. Lenart at Murova, was first dedicated to Mary Magdalene and first mentioned in 1460. In the honor of St. lenart, the church was consecrated in 1523. The most interesting element of the church is its front door, which was designed by painter and sculptor France Kralj. The whole church was renovated in 1930 by architects Ivan Kos and dr. Dragotin Fatur, who were the first graduated students of the famous teacher dr. Jožef Plečnik, slovenian best known architect. Another attractive element is the statue of Christ the King situated above the portal made by Tone Kralj.

Source: Tourist guide to the Jesenice area


Parish Jesenice


Nowdays the church of St. Lenart is used for masses, weddings and other church activities. There are organized also music concerts of clasical music. Local importance

Potential usability

One of the most beautiful sacral building and the largest church in Jesenice, could be used in tourism purposes - to visitors there could be offered guided tours of the church.

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