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The Sava pits

The largest ore deposit of iron ore in Slovenia, with a rich testimony of the mining history in this region of Europe.


The Sava pits are our biggest ore deposit of iron ore in Slovenia. The Sava pits (Savske jame) represent a proof that mining tradition, which has survived for almost 800 years, was strongly rooted in this area. The Ortenburg mining order from 1381 describes the freedoms, rights and responsibilities of miners. The Sava pits consisted of numerous mines, up to 90 m deep, which were used to dig siderite, and to supply two huge furnaces on Sava and Javornik.

Source: Museum of national history of Slovenia, Tourist guide to the Jesenice area


Different private owners.


Nowdays the Sava pits are a testimony to the deeply rooted mining tradition in these regions around the town of Jesenice.Local importance

Potential usability

It has a high developmental potential. It should be developed into a new touristic product in terms of presentation of an old iron tradition - set different mining and iron objects which show the procedure of mining and processing of iron.

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