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The church of St. Jacob

The late gothic church of St. Jacob in Ledine plateau.


The Ledine plateau is home to two churches, namely the St. Jacob's church in Ledine and the St. Ahac's church in Ledinske krnice. The history of both churches is unknown, but the preacher, Janez Jelenec, mentions in his article in Ledinska kronika the story about the rivalry between the peoples of Krnice and Ledine, who couldn't find a compromise on where the church should be based. Both neighbouring villages were divided by the border between Austria and the Venetian republic, therefore the people of Krnice needed the permission from the Austrian authorities and the people of Ledine the permission from the Venetian authorities in order to built a church. The people of Ledine got the permission first and right away started with the construction of the St. Ahac's church, but were quickly followed by the people of Ledine with their own church. The Church of St. Jacob was, according to oral tradition, first mentioned in 1063, when it was part of the pre-parish of St. George in Stara Loka. In 1501 the church was mentioned as a branch-church of the parish Žiri. The Late gothic apse, alongside with the presbytery, is supposed to be built between 1530 and 1540. The nave, which was at first wooden, was built in stone in 1666, while it got its final outlook in 1750 when it was surrounded by arches and added a church tower. In 1864 it became a parish church, which had its branch-church in Krnice. The painting of St. Jacob on the big altar was painted by the renown Slovene painter, Janez Šubic, in 1877.


The diocese of Koper


The church of St. Jacob has the function of the central sacral object in the parish, which with its history and artistic value represents the town's peculiarity. Local importance

Potential usability

The tourist potential, alongside with some other activities, represents one of the greatest potentials in the town.

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