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Vajndler's Castle with a Farmyard

Vendl Mor Castle was built at the end of the 19th century. It represents a valuable cultural asset.


Vendl Mor Castle was built by a land owner Vendl Mor by the end of 19th century as a family holiday house. After World War One and Agricultural Reform, Vendl Mor decided to leave Sonta, and he sold the castle and the estate to Balint Fernbah. Balint Fernbah was a prominent landowner from Apatin and was the owner of Debeljača wilderness. The castle is a single-storey building located in a vast park. Park surrounding and spontaneous contact with nature contribute to the overall experience. Centrally located staircase leads to an open terrace in the portico. It is characterized by logically arranged windows, compact, almost squared base and a simple roof. At the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century, family Fernbah owned significant industrial objects and large land complexes in Bačka, Banat and in Hungary, i.e. in the surrounding of Szeged. Brothers Jozsef, Janos, Balint, Antal and Karoly Fernbah also owned several castles in Vojvodina. Jozsef Fernbah had a castle in the vicinity of Apatin. The castel was later bought by Dunđerski family. Balint had a summer holiday house in Sonta and in Krivaja. Antal owned a castle in Temerin. Karoly was the owner of an estate and castle in Aleksa Šantić, also known as Baba Pusta. Karoly was a big perfect of Bač-Bodroška County. Today, the castle is used by the agricultural production company 'Mali Borac' (which is in the process of reorganization). The castle is registered as a cultural heritage asset under the name 'Vajndler's Castle with a Farmyard'. It covers the area of 12 ha.


Collective ownership-Agricultural production company ''Mladi borac'' A.D


'Vajndler's Castle with a Farmyard' is an important cultural asset dating back to the end of the 19th century. The current owner of the castle is not taking good care of the castle and it is in a very poor condition as well as the surrounding park. Regional importance

Potential usability

Regarding natural riches surrounding the summer house, the entire compound should be restored and new purpose should be assigned to it - a luxury hotel (as a starting point for bird-watching, eco-safari, fishing, cruising along the Danube, excursions into its surroundings, etc.). Farmyard facilities can be complementary to the main building offer (riding horses, etc.)

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