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Village's mill or Szaller-Mill

The Village's mill is one of the oldest members of the watermill-industry of Kapolcs.


The historical village Kapolcs was well-known from it's watermall-industry. There were 9 mills in the village in 1836. The most famous is the Szaller-mill, also called the Village's mill. The builder of the mill was Mr. Péter N. Szabó, and the building is approximately 186 years old today. Imre Szaller improved it in 1927. The whole equipment remained till today. A unique milling method was used featuring special grinding stones. This technolgy was used only in the Hungarian mills. The Cultural and Environment Protective Association of Kapolcs renovated the building in 2000. After the renovation operates the mill as a museum as well. At the beginning of 2011 the whole construction was fully renovated again.


Cultural and Enviroment Protective Association of Kapolcs


The Village's mill has a significant importance from 2000. After the renovation it has more and more visitors. Today it is one of the most popular spectacles of Kapolcs. Local importance

Potential usability

Kapolcs has a high tourism potential during the Valley of Arts Festival. The mill could help the village to improve this potential during the other parts of the year. Thanks to the recent year's reservation the mill is in good condition so it attracts more and more visitors. The conservation and further development would be very important for the future.

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