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Smodin homestead

The secluded nucleated Smodin homestead on the plateau of Vojsko.


The secluded nucleated homestead Smodin is part of the attractive cultivated region on the plateau of Vojsko, in the immediate vicinity north-west of the centre of Vojsko. The homestead comprises many objects, among which the uninhabited residential building from 1830 stands out the most. The portal of this residential building boasts a memorial plaque of the poet and author Črtomir Šinkovec, who was born here. Above the stone portal there is a small stone relief of the crucified Jesus Christ. Right beside the building there is also an earthquake observatory, in charge of which is the wife of the current homestead's owner, Marija Šinkovec. The owner Aleksander Šinkovec has, found his home in the new house, which is 20 m away from the old homestead. Although this building is new, it was constructed in the traditional style of Idrija-Cerklje region, which points to the owner's and his family's awareness and positive attitude towards the heritage. His all-round activity can be seen in his collaborations in preparing the brochure Vojsko - the highest village in the region of Primorska, which was published in April 2011 by the Municipality of Idrija and the company Rudnik živega srebra Idrija, d.o.o. - in liquidation. Seeing that the homestead is home to educated people, it would be sensible to take advantage of its demographic potential and all the human resources which are indispensable in the marketing of cultural values.


Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Nova Gorica


A complex nucleus of houses, which are constituent parts of the homestead, represents a typical settlement sample of these parts of Slovenia. Due to its advantageous demographic potential, there are many possibilities for its inclusion into an integrated tourist offer of the Vojsko plateau. The homestead, with its underground cellar, where once was a blacksmith's workshop, should be renovated and organized in the manner of guaranteeing its vital function needed for its further existence. Local importance

Potential usability

The homestead is currently the home of an ecofarm within an attractive cultural landscape. The farmer in charge is well educated and is seen as one of the key developmental factors in this entire area, which is seen in his cooperation in publishing articles and news regarding the entire plateau area as well as in his work within the network of earthquake observatories in Slovenia. The farmer’s four daughters have already moved away, a son who lives at home could continue with the family's farming tradition. The farmer in charge, Aleksander, is very much interested in including the homestead in the tourist offer of the Idrija area.

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