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Vyzitsa. A village with uniquearchitecture

Vyzitsa, is one of the most beautiful villages of Pelion and most well-preserved traditional settlements.


Vyzitsa, one of the most beautiful villages of Pelion, is located between the villages Milies and Agios Georgios Nileias. It is 28 km from Volos and has been proclaimed a listed settlement. It received the 'Golden Apple' award that characterizes most well-preserved traditional settlements. In harmony with nature, that seems to have been especially generous to this region, are a large number of mansions, picturesque cobblestone roads and traditional towers that are a sign of the economic welfare of the past. The history of Vyzitsa begins at the 16th century, when it was inhabited mainly by Greeks from Egypt who built most of the mansions seen while walking through the roads. The renovation of the old mansions by the GNTO (Greek National Tourism Organization) that started in 1976, gave the village a boost. Today, at the paved square of the settlement one can enjoy a cup of coffee in the shade of the perennial plane-trees, refresh oneself with the water running from a stone-made fountain and walk on the paved paths in order to explore the village and the surrounding area. It is worth visiting the Holy Monastery of Agios Ioannis the Baptist, built in 1789 by Dimos Zoupaniotis and the three-aisle basilica church of Zoodohos Pigi. Vyzitsa, due to its 'strategic' location in the center of Pelion, allows visitors to enjoy the mountains as well as the sea. They can either rush out to the snow covered slopes and enjoy winter activities or walk down to the beautiful beaches of the Aegean Sea and the Pagasetic Gulf. In addition, there are unique nature trails for trekking fans.


Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change Ministry of Culture Municipality of Southern Pilion


Vyzitsa's traditional architecture style is one of the most recognizable cultural characteristics of the area. The cultural value today is known as a place where people can walk on the paved paths in order to explore the village and the surrounding area, finding unique buildings, peaceful landscapes and enjoy summer or winter holidays in close contact with nature. National importance

Potential usability

The cultural value is already on the market and has an identity well known not only in Greece but also abroad. Many tradiotional building are used not only as houses, but also as hotels, taverns, museums etc. However, due to the rapid development of the area, many interventions would be necessary in order to restore more buildings and monuments, preventing at the same time their characteristics.

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