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Zelševka cake

Zelševka cake is a spring-summer salty or sweet cake filled with mint and chives.


Zelševka cake (also known as Zeljševka, Željševka) is a spring-summer cake ('potica') with the filling of mint and chives. It can be prepared as a salty or a sweet cake. As a sweet cake it can also contain raisins. Salty zelševka cake is prepared with cabbage or with 'jota' (a bean and sauerkraut soup). The name derives from the dialect word 'želš' which has the meaning of chive, with the origin of the dish remaining unknown.




Zelševka cake is regarded as a regional culinary specialty, characteristic mainly for the region of Idrija. As such it contributes its part in the vivid mosaic of culinary heritage of Slovenia. National importance

Potential usability

The renowned dish is still most frequently served in the Idrija region, where it is often found on the menus of local taverns. Zelševka cake is regarded as a culinary specialty with its potential for recognition still big.

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