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Albiano Chestnut Festival

The Albiano Chestnut Festival is a three day festival aimed at restoring and preserving the local traditions linked to the chestnut


The Albiano Chestnut Festival is a three day festival established in 1982 to restore and preserve the local traditions linked to the chestnut. Up until the 1960s the chestnut was the main product of the Albiano village fruit farming: its importance is evident as it appears in the village badge. Usually in Autumn, after the 7th October, chestnuts are picked up, grouped together and then covered with branches to ferment them. After a month they can be drawn from their husks and then preserved in cellars. On the occasion of feasts and fairs, Albiano people used to go to the neighbouring city of Trento to sell the chestnuts, which were dried, cooked and threaded in wreaths. During the Albiano Chestnut festival, which takes place in the last week of October, Albiano producers sell their chestnuts and some women also cook cakes and dishes following traditional recipes. In correlation with the re-discovering of the chestnut, the local land Improvement Consortium is promoting the restoration of an old chestnut wood.


Albiano community; Albiano Land Improvement Consortium


The Albiano Chestnut Festival, together with the linked initiatives for various uses of the chestnut, enables the re-discovery of the gastronomic traditions of Albiano community, thus preserving and enhancing the Albiano identity. It also encourages the preservation of agricultural landscape in a village whose territory is partially interested by porphyry quarries and subject to large changes. Regional importance.

Potential usability

Currently, the enhancing of Trentino eno-gastronomic traditions is considered one of the more profitable strategies for the tourism development in marginal areas. The re-discovery of chestnut can stimulate new economic initiatives which focus on this local resource.

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