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Balbido, the painted hamlet

Balbido is a hamlet of Bleggio Superiore municipality, characterized by more than 200 naïve murals decorating the houses walls.


Balbido is a hamlet of Bleggio Superiore municipality, in the Judicaria Ecomuseum area. Similarly to several other Judicaria hamlets, it's characterized by a well-preserved rural architecture – displayed in the hamlet structure and in its restored ancient buildings. Balbido has a distinctive character in the more than 200 naïve paintings which decorate the houses walls. The tradition of painting murals on the walls is quite recent: it started in 1987. The themes are mainly connected to Judicaria ancient life, Balbido “personalities” and characters, as well as local traditions, habits and tales. The Balbido murals remember, for instance, the job of the travelling grinder (moleta), which was very spread in this area, as well the agricultural work and the big emigration which afflicted the Judicaria population between 19th and 20th century. The murals also portray some Balbido people living in the painted houses.




The Balbido murals contribute to the preservation of the hamlet identity fighting against the risk of its oblivion, which threatens several little hamlets in Alpine area. National importance.

Potential usability

Each year one or two murals are added to the present ones; in connection with this event a wood carvers meeting is also organised, thus revitalizing the hamlet. The artistic characterization of Balbido also encourages its tourism-related enhancement in a sustainable tourism perspective.

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