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Donkey milk, healing water and officinal herbs

Donkey milk, officinal herbs and healing water are jointly used for the production of creams in an innovative farming project.


The Agrilife Farm, in Comano Terme, is managed by a young woman who had the idea of putting together, in an innovative way, old and new local resources in the production of herbal products. While the traditional breeding activity was cow breeding, Moira Donati chose to breed donkeys for the production of milk, a very requested product due to its similarity to women milk. In addition, mrs Donati started an activity of production of creams and other cosmetics made of donkey milk and officinal herbs, such as edelweiss, marigold, mauve, lemon balm, cornflower, borage, mint and evening primrose, which she farms partly in a botanic garden in the valley bottom and partly in a botanic garden on high pastures. Some of her officinal herbs are also going to be used in association with an old Comano Terme resource, its famous healing water, in this way enhancing the connection between past know-how and local resources on one side and new products and breeding activities on the other.


Agrilife Farm; Comano Thermal Baths


In marginal Alpine areas the officinal herb cultivation is currently considered a useful strategy for re-vitalizing the local economy, in this way both avoiding the decline of local communities, often subject to depopulation, by means of the creation of new job opportunities, and preserving the territory, otherwise subject to oblivion. High mountain fields can be an ideal place for this kind of farming, which doesn't need large spaces and has a benefit by the high mountain temperatures and exposition. In addition, this kind of farming is expecially recommended for young people and women, categories which are often penalized by the current economic system. Their combination with other resources, as in Agrilife Farm case, allows a farm to be more competitive and at the same time encourages the cooperation with other local subjects. Regional importance.

Potential usability

At the moment the initiative has taken the first steps: the creation of the two botanic gardens, the creation of recipes for creams and the subscription of an accord with Comano Thermal Baths for the Edelweisses' supply.

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