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Dorigoni Mill

Dorigoni Mill is a restored water mill in the Civezzano municipality, hosting an exhibition of miller tools and machinery.


Dorigoni Mill is one of the few surviving water mills in Trentino. Built by the Dorigoni 'Giuli' family in the 18th century, it milled cereals such as rye, maize, buckwheat and barley from the surrounding villages, situated in Trento municipality and Pergine municipality areas. At the beginning of 20th century the miller installed a dynamo in the mill, which enabled the building to have the first lighting in the area. During the Second World War the mill kept on working in spite of the numerous air raids, which damaged the building several times. The mill is not in current use although its laboratory is perfectly preserved. The machinery within the mill - including a rare barley pestle, carved in a porphyry rock in the 19th century - is still operational. Thanks to a convention between its owners and the Argentario Ecomuseum, the mill has been transformed into a permanent exhibition of the miller work and instruments.


Dorigoni family and Argentario Ecomuseum


The Dorigoni Mill constitutes an important evidence of the traditional agricultural activity in Trentino. The mill's history - which was carefully registered by the Dorigoni family descendants - accounts of the main events of recent Trentino history, i.e. First and Second World War as well as the industrial development. It is of particular importance for the historical consciousness of young generations. National importance.

Potential usability

At the moment the Dorigoni Mill hosts an exhibition where miller instruments and machinery are displayed. Visitors, such as school groups and individuals, can learn various notions of past Trentino agricultural traditions. The mill could be used for demonstrative sessions about the process of milling work because its machinery is still operational.

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