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Grazioli Hall

Grazioli Hall is a typical old village house in the centre of the hamlet of Strombiano, now restored and open to the public as a House-Museum.


Grazioli Hall is a typical old village house in the centre of the hamlet of Strombiano (which, with its 100 inhabitants, is the smaller hamlet in Peio municipality). Built on three level (with an additional loft), it witnesses both the rural architecture evolution and the past way of living. The roof is covered by scandolas (shingles), larch slices traditionally used for covers. In its kitchen the old open fireplace and the stone oven for cooking the bread are still well-preserved. Another interesting room is the Stua, the place in which the family used to gather, still containing the old olle stove (typical Alpine stove). Acquired by the Peio municipality in 1998, it's now restored, managed by the Peio Ecomuseum and open to the public as a House-Museum. It still hosts furnitures, tools, dresses and documents belonging to its last owner: Maria Grazioli, also known by her fellow countrymen as 'la Bega', who had lived in it for more than eighty years (till 1991) and handed down to Peio women the craft of linen manufacturing.


Peio Ecomuseum, charged by Paio municipality


Casa Grazioli is an important witness of rural life in Trentino high-mountain hamlets in the early 20th century. It's used to host demonstrations on local crafts and, by showing material related to the life of Maria Grazioli, it helps to learn about past life in a warm and empathic way. Local importance.

Potential usability

Casa Grazioli is currently used as a 'past poor life' open exhibition and for hosting local crafts demonstrations, in this way also supporting the local linen craftsmanship and promoting the interest towards it. Every year the stone oven is used for cooking the bread in the initiative called 'The poor people bread' (El Pan dei Poareti).

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