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Medieval fortress 'Strelchansko Kale'

8 m high medieval fortress Strelchansko Kale


The region of Strelcha and the whole South Thrace was included within the boundaries of the First Bulgarian State in 9th century . During that time the stronghold Strelchansko Kale has been built and it has been functioning until the XIVth century. The fortress is located 2,5 km away from Strelcha on the right bank of the river Luda Yana in the Galata site. Its impressive 8-meters high protective walls clearly illustrate the character of this age and have been preserved to this day. The fortress was also the centre of a medieval town named 'Strelach'meaning 'Shooter.' A medieval church is located in the citadel that has not been studied in detail yet. Local folk legends say that during the April uprising against the Ottoman rule in 1876 the population was hiding in the fortress, as decided by the Bulgaria Peoples Assembly in Oborishte. According to this decision the rebels had to pre-hide in the Kale* fort women, children and elders, along with valuable belongings. Until about 25 years ago the castle was partly ruined and there were visible and rather well preserved parts of the residential premises, churches and parts of the walls . * The origin of the word 'kale' is Turkish, means fortress, citadel; stronghold.


Ministry of Culture,National Institute of immovable cultural heritage,Municipality of Strelcha,Historical Museum of Strelcha


The fortress can be reached by a pleasant route for about 40 minutes walk.The fortified wall can be followed, as in places it is lost, and in some places it is up to 4-5 meters high. There is an incredible view to the river Luda Yana surrounding Strelcha.The fortress is an interesting archaeological site interesting for tourists and an ideal place for relaxation, especially in nice weather. National importance

Potential usability

The Restoration, conservation and socialization of the remains of fortresses alongside the river Luda Yana in the territory of the municipality Strelcha, and improving access to them, will turn them into an attractive cultural tourist destinations.

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