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Mount Calisio silver mines

Mount Calisio is a little mountain overlooking the city of Trento. Since ancient times has been a minerary zone, first for silver mining and then for stone extraction: all these activities are witnessed by a vast network of wells amd tunnels.


Mount Calisio (located in the Argentario Ecomuseum area) is a little mountain overlooking the city of Trento. Today it is also known as “Mount Argentario”, that is, “The Mount of Silver”. Since ancient times it has been exploited several times for mining activities, first for silver extraction and afterwards for stone and barite extraction. Today on Mount Calisio Trento stone and porphyry stone quarries are still operational. In the Middle Ages, silver mining activity developed significantly due to the need of silver of the Trento Prince-Bishop mint. As a result of the intense mining activity, today on Mount Calisio a large number of mining wells (cadini) and horizontal tunnels (canòpe) can be found. In the 1980s the Trentino Alpine Society (SAT) conducted a mine census, identifying 150 accesses. Afterwards, Civezzano municipality in collaboration with SAT created the Canòpe Track, which is a 2-hour path along which informative boards are placed. Today Argentario Ecomuseums activities are dedicated to recovering and enhancing the mines by means of publications, guided tours and exhibitions.


Argentario Ecomuseum


Mount Calisio, with its 9 km2 area covered by mining tunnels, shows significant evidence of the ancient mining activity in Trentino and more recent mining activities. A big part of Trentino medieval and modern history is witnessed by this mountain, whose mines during the First World War were used again as air-raid shelters. National importance.

Potential usability

Calisio silver mines are constantly explored and maintained. Today the Ecomuseum organizes guided tours of the best-preserved tunnels to preserve the memory of the ancient activities and to enable the local communities to become more aware of their roots and of the meaning of the area in which they live.

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