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Museum complex at the Historical Museum in Strelcha

Strelcha historical museum complex


The beginning of the Strelcha museum activities was laid in the 40s of XX century. Its founder was Todor Belchov. Initially the museum was housed in the local library, but in 1958 was moved to a specially re-constructed for this purpose building -the House of Angel Nedelev - participant in the April uprising. At the beginning of 90 - years the House of Chorbadji Nesho Grozev was also restored which now houses the museum's history. The House of Chorbadji Nesho Grozev A massive two-storey building with built up area 82.5 square meters this house is a typical example of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. Currently, it holds exhibitions of the local historical museum with three divisions: 'Archaeology', 'Bulgarian lands XV-XІX century' and 'Art' at the museum complex of the Historical Museum - Strelcha. The House of Angel Nedelev This house is another typical example of Bulgarian Renaissance architecture. There is arranged a large exhibition hall, which hosts different events as well as temporary exhibitions of the Historical Museum in Strelcha.


Ministry of Culture Municipality of Strelcha Historical Museum of Strelcha


The museum has important local significance as on granite blocks in front of it are marked memorable dates of the history of the settlement. The exhibitions in the two restored houses provide valuable information about the traditions, customs, history, art and the past of the area and local people.The museum also has significance as a valuable source of knowledge about the locality on a national and regional scale and also for the guests of the country.National importance

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In the halls of the Historical Museum - Strelcha there are three exhibitions: Archaeology, Bulgarian lands from 15th to 19th century and the Department of Art. The archaeological exhibition is from the Thracian Chalcolithic period or Copper Age. The Thracian cult complex 'Frog Mound 'and the medieval fortress Galata are presented too. There is reflected the spiritual revival of the village during the Renaissance and the participation of Strelcha in the April Uprising.The Art department presents paintings of the artist and painter of Strelcha Milyo Baltov, as well as of contemporary authors. In the garden of the museum complex a tourist information center of Strelcha is located.

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