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Tesino Arboretum

Tesino Arboretum is a big green area on the Tesino plateau, composed by both typical natural ecosystems and newly created ecosystems with eductaional purposes.


Tesino Arboretum covers about 14 ha. It's composed by a vast meadows area with clumps of trees, some wooded areas, a peat bog biotope and a small lake. Tesino Arboretum, belonging to the Cinte Tesino and Pieve Tesino municipalities area, accessible by car, offers to the visitor an itinerary tucked into nature and easy to walk. Along the itinerary path several elements enhancing the Tesino botanic and historical particularities have been put, as the “roccolo”, the labyrinth, the educational vegetable gardens and the “Garden of Europe”, a recently-built garden dedicated to the fathers of Europe (one of them, Alcide De Gasperi, was in fact born in Pieve Tesino).


Tuscia University Centre for Alpine studies, Viterbo; Trento Autonomous Province Nature Preservation Service; Tesino municipalities


The Tesino Arboretum was created in 2002 with the aim of offering the Tesino visitor an easy and pleasing excursion in contact with the nature. At the same time the visitor can learn botanic notions thanks to the information boards – fixed identification boards for the trees, movable ones for the summer-blooming herbs and bookstand-like boards for introducing the different ecosystems. Along the track some benches for stopping have been placed and, in order to conjugate literature and nature, some other boards quoting texts on plants written by the Italian writer Mario Rigoni Stern. Regional importance.

Potential usability

The Tesino Arboretum itineraries can be used by the visitor for easy excursions, alone or with a guide, and for educational itineraries, both ones dedicated to schools and ones dedicated to adults. During the time the Arboretum renovated its offers, by creating guided itineraries and thematic mountings, such as the roccolo and the Garden of Europe. The Arboretum environmental and cultural heritage can be subject to several projects aiming at educational and informative activities, also in a tourism perspective.

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