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The Edelweiss products

Edelweiss is being enhanced by an initiative of production of creams, associated to the creation of a botanic garden in Peio.


The farm managed by Olga Casanova and her partner, in Peio Valley, is specialising on an innovative officinal herbs farming: Edelweiss farming. They keep a botanic garden dedicated to Edelweisses near the Caprioli Lake (1300 m), selling cultivated Edelweisses to tourists (as in Trentino picking up Edelweisses in wild nature is prohibited) and also producing creams Edelweiss-based. In addition, they are planning to keep a botanic garden in Peio, in order to encourage the knowledge of botanic species and their properties.


Casanova farm


See considerations about the useful strategy of farming officinal herbs for re-vitalizing the local economy (see “Donkey milk, healing water and officinal herbs”). Local importance.

Potential usability

At the moment the initiative of creams production has taken its first steps, with the creation, in 2011, of the first 500 creams (face, eye mask, after shave creams and creams thought for high mountain sun exposition). The potential target is mainly constituted by tourists .

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