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The Lardaro Barrier

One of the most important evidences of the 1st World War in Trentino, the Lardaro Barrier, built by Austria between 19th and 20th centuries, today included three forts: Larino Fort, Corno Fortand the ruins of Carriola Fort.


During the 1st World War the forefront between Austrian and Italian armies went across the Chiese Valley, along the borderline between Austria and Italy. Lots of evidences of this period are left throughout the Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum's territory. One of the most important is the so-called “Lardaro Barrier”. Between 19th and 20th centuries Austria built some fortifications in Chiese Valley, including five big forts and a lot of trenches. Today three forts are left: Larino Fort, in the Lardaro municipality, and Corno Fort, in the Praso municipality, can be visited and are connected by big trenches carved in the rock, which were used as refuge. The ruins of another fort, Carriola, can be seen in the municipality of Pieve di Bono. In Bersone a 1st World War museum can be visited, hosting several finds from the trenches, photos and various tools from military life, while in Bondo there is a monumental Austrian military cemetery, built in 1916.


Valle del Chiese municipalities; both Valle del Chiese Ecomuseum and Valle del Chiese Touristic Consortium attend to the Lardaro Barrier enhancement.


The 1st World War was a significant event in Trentino history. People living along the borders were deported and those who stayed had a very difficult life; young people were often enrolled and involved in battles. The memory of war is thus an important part of Trentino's (and Chiese Valley's) identity, to be preserved and enhanced. Some think that as far as the war and its sorrows are remembered, it will be easier to support a peace culture: this is one of the reasons for which some young people decided to open the 1st World War Museum. National importance.

Potential usability

Tourists in Trentino like to visit forts and war sites. The Ecomuseum and other associations organise visits along the war paths and trenches. Being the war a common experience for the most part of Trentino territories, photo exhibitions and other initiatives are repeatedly organised throughout the province.

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