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The Monument of Vasil Levski

Monument of national revolutionary and hero Vasil Levski


The Monument of Vasil Levski in Strelcha is built in honor of the country's most acknowledged revolutionary and is located in the most beautiful northern part of the town park. Vasil Levski (18 July 1837 – 18 February 1873) is a Bulgarian revolutionary, renowned as the greatest national hero of Bulgaria a. Dubbed 'the Apostle of Freedom', Levski ideologised and strategised the revolutionary movement to liberate Bulgaria from the Ottoman rule. In the period 1868 - 1872 Levski built the so called Internal Revolutionary Organization. Levski toured the Bulgarian towns and villages with tireless vigor and enthusiasm forming a network of revolutionary committees. And the region of Pazardzhik is one of them. These committees had to equip the men in their regions, usually peasants and craftsmen, with weapons, and train them to fight. On May 22, 1869 Apostle Levski came to Strelcha, stayed with Delo Stoynov, and the next day gathered at the school the most active Bulgarians, among them G. Chishiranov. The Apostle passed several times by Strelcha, but the most memorable visit was in October 1871 when nine men gathered to meet him, kissing crucifix and a revolver as an oath to the holy work for national freedom. The appearance of Levski in Strelcha did not remain secret to the Turks who began to look for him everywhere. After his departure they killed Delo Stoynov .But the fire of the fight was already burning and nothing could stop it, even the terrible news of the hanging of Vasil Levski and the tragic death of D. Chishiranov.


Ministry of Defence Municipality of Strelcha


Each year on February 19 is celebrated the hanging of Vasil Levski with a memorial prayer in the church 'St. Michael '. The events are continued with a military ceremony performed by the high school students by Specialized School Battalion 'Vasil Levski' under the leadership of their commander and city-wide worship .The monument of Vasil Levski is the sacred place where big crowds of fans of the Apostleare gathered . There are citizens and guests of the town, students with their teachers and principals, bringing pictures and boards with the face of Vasil Levski. All come here voluntarily and without invitation and coercion and sincerely and deeply remember with sadness the tragic end of the great son of Bulgaria. It is a cultural monument of local and National importance.

Potential usability

The monument is located in the Northern part of the town park of Strelcha and is included in the routes of some travel agencies. The State is necessary to support rural communities in need of funds to maintain and restore their military monuments.A possible development potential is to include this monument in guided tours and offer it with tourist packages during the Rose-picking season and also alongside spa weekend packages.

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