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Tomaselli community dairy

The community dairy in the hamlet of Tomaselli was restored in 2009, making it newly operational, for the aim of encouraging the breeding activities and creating a service for the local population.


The community dairy in the hamlet of Tomaselli, in Strigno municipality, was restored in 2009. The restoration project, which was promoted by the municipality, was aimed at the reactivation of the dairy. By making it newly operational, the municipality aimed to both encouraging the breeding activities and creating a service for the local population. The project of restoration was conceived both to re-start the milk manufacturing and to preserve and enhance past knowledges and customs otherwise destined to oblivion by industrial milk processing.


Strigno municipality – Free Lagorai herdsmen Association


The dairy restoration was able to put together the new technologies and the preservation of the old machineries, belonging to the “industrial archaeology”. The dairy visitor can watch the cheese production modern process, which is subject to current regulations, related both to salubrity and work health and safety; at the same time he can compare it to the processes adopted in the early 20th century community dairies. The dairy building can also host educational laboratories. Regional importance.

Potential usability

The building of the Tomaselli dairy today hosts the seat of the “Free Association of the Lagorai herdsmen“ (Libera Associazione Malghesi del Lagorai). The structure is used by farmers for the processing of excellence dairy products: fresh and seasoned cheeses, among which the “casolo”, ricotta cheese and butter. The dairy represents a point of referral both for farmers who want to work with a high quality standard of the processing chain and for the population, who mirrors in the dairy an old custom. Coming from the dairy there are proposals for laboratories and educational moments for schools with the aim of preserving and handing down an important chapter of the local history. The structure, products and activities proposed may be able to find new channels of development, thanks to a better and wider promotion, as long as the social-communitary dimension, which gave birth to the dairy, is going to be respected.

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