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'Le Verde' (Sauerkrauts typical of the Tesino plateau)

“Le Verde” are a traditional dish of Tesino plateau, made by fermented cabbage, which could be re-discovered as a tourist offer.


“Le Verde” are little pieces of fermented cabbage. The cabbage, after undergoing to a specific processing, turns into the typical Tesino gastronomic product: “le Verde”. The production process includes a manual processing of the fresh cabbage and the brine in wooden vats for about eighty days before “le Verde” are ready to be eaten. The cabbage pieces assume a white-greenish colour and a bittersweet taste which makes them the ideal side-dish for meat and polenta meals.


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In the past, by tradition, all the Tesino families made “le Verde” for fulfilling the family requirements during winter. Today only some families make them. For some years the “Busarello Farm”, in Bieno, has made them for a marketing use. Regional importance.

Potential usability

“Le Verde” distinguish themselves by the more known “Sauerkrauts” because of their different aspect, consistency and taste, though both are derived by cabbage. This peculiar dish of Tesino could be enhanced as a gastronomic peculiarity and used in local restaurants and agriturs. For this aim a project of requalification and promotion of the whole production process (from the cultivation to the cooking) should be created.

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