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di Cambio medieval village

Di Cambio medieval village was built at the foot of Mount Rocca de Cagno. Today is tourist place for moutain hikers and those who look for a closer contact with nature.


Di Cambio medieval village (Rocca di Cambio) Little is known about the origin of the first inhabitants of the current village of Rocca di Cambio. It is very likely though, that the name 'Rocca di Cambio' comes from the name of the Mountain which is behind the village, that is Rocca de Cagno (Fort de Cagno). Unfortunately little is however known about the village in medieval times. It is supposed that the first settlements gow back to XIII century.


The Municipality of Rocca di Cambio Tel +39 0862 91911


In the present society the cultural value is appreciated by walkers because there they can find peaceful landscapes and enjoy summer or winter holidays in close contact with nature. Regional imporatnce

Potential usability

The cultural value today is known as a place where people can enjoy trail walking and mountain hiking. Therefore, the cultural value is already on the market. However, due to the recent earthquake which stroke Abruzzo, many interventions would be necessary in order to restore buildings and monuments and let tourists appreciate its architecture.

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