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Šokci Wedding Party /Grape Picking Celebration

Grožđebal (Grape Picking Celebration) is the biggest and the most important event of Šokci Croats in Sonta. The event is organized in honor of grapes, joy and wine. A symbolic 'Šokci Wedding Party' accompanies the celebration. It promotes tradition and customs of Šokci population.


Grožđebal (Grape Picking Celebration) is the biggest and the most important event of Šokci Croats in Sonta. The event is organized 'in honor of grapes, joy and wine'. This is a grape-picking custom through which the residents of Sonta thank God for new grapes and wine. It has been held since 1928 and it was established by the Male Singing Society, which was active in the St. Lovro Church in Sonta . This is why the only written document about establishing this event is recorded in church books. The event is held every year, at the first weekend of the beginning of autumn. It has been organized by a cultural and art society OKUD 'Ivo Lola Ribar“ since 1969. Grožđebal was not held only in 1941, 1944 and 1945. The participants first go to a morning mass to express their thanks, and in the afternoon, they go for a walk along the streets of Sonta. The first part of the procession consists of horse-drawn buggies (fiacre), carts and horse-riders entourage dressed in traditional Šokci national costume, the second part consists of carnival procession of masked participants, with every mask symbolizing something. Then the most beautiful couple is chosen, two young people who get the title of the Prince and the Princess, and get married symbolically. The Prince and the Princess carry the title until the next Grožđebal. 'Šokci Wedding Party' escorted by vineyard guards, go to St. Lovro Church for a mass to express their thanks. Celebration procession of all the participants in Grožđebal is held on Sunday morning. For all the participants, it is a great honor to ride in a horse-drawn buggy (fiacre) with the Prince and the Princess and to be the buggy driver in 'Šokci Wedding Party'. In the evening, the ball is held in the hall decorated with grapes. Part of the show here belongs to visitors who try to 'steal' the grapes but not to be caught by 'policemen', because they will otherwise be brought to the Prince and will have to 'pay the fine'.


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A three-day event dedicated to new grapes, wine, arrival of autumn and traditional customs, a procession of horse-drawn buggies and carts, a symbolic wedding of the Prince and the Princess, Grožđebal is the most beautiful way, under grape arches, to present national customs related to ethnological creative works and youth amateur activism. Regional importance

Potential usability

Grožđebal, with the tradition of over 80 years, is included in the list of the oldest events in the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and the Republic of Serbia. It is held every year, at the last weekend of September, and as a folklore and tourism event, it has become a symbol of recognition of Sonta in the calendar of tourism events in the Republic of Serbia. Tourism Organisation of Apatin will have a chance to promote artists and artisans from the area of the municipality that can later organise educational workshops that will help tourists become familiar with the characteristics of traditional Hungarian, Serbian and Sokac costume and where tourists will learn how to make one element of the traditional costume.Sonta local community can use this opportunity to promote its settlement, way of living and culture of its population. The involvement of the population that deals with old and traditional crafts can also create some additional economic benefits.

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