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Šturmajce homestead

The majetic Šturmajce homestead in Gorenja Kanomlja is one of the most important homesteads in the Idrija region.


The Šturmajce homestead in Gorenja Kanomlja, which was first mentioned in 1335, is one of the most important homesteads in the Idrija region. The majestic house was renovated and enlarged in 1792. Its exterior is enriched with farm-frescoes, which were probably made by the folk painter Frančišček Kobau in 1802. The house still has two black kitchens, with the lower kitchen having 3 fireplaces, 2 of which are still preserved and which were used by two different families. The house is also very well preserved (the main room in the house), seeing that it contains a big furnace and boasts a beautifully carved ceiling, as well as a small room. Various objects which were used every day are put on display in different rooms of the house. The upper rooms were used for sleeping. Alongside the central house, the homestead in the 19th and 20th centuries included also a granary, a barn, a corn-rack, a drying area for fruit ('pajštva'), 4 guest houses, a mill and 4 earth cabins. As explained by the owner, the homestead, at the beginning of the 20th century, covered 100 ha of land, while the estate started to crumble in 1907. Just before WWI Šturmajci was a home to around 70 people, who helped on the farm. Some families lived in guest houses, while two families lived alongside the owner's family in the main house. Social-economic changes brought changes also to the lives of people at the Šturmajci homestead. People started leaving the homestead, where only the family of Julij and Milka Petrič stayed, and who after the earthquake of 1976 build a smaller house in the immediate vicinity of the homestead. From past buildings, only the main house, the granary, the barn and the corn-rack remain preserved.




The homestead Šturmajce received the decree of a cultural monument in 1986 and represents a good example of preserving cultural heritage with intertwining cooperation between the owners and the wider local community. The surroundings of the homestead, including all the buildings, meadows, orchards and fields, as well as the homestead's interior, are well preserved and together with the 145 registered objects as parts of the interior, represent an important ethnological monument of this area. The homestead's interior offers an authentic way of getting acquainted with how the locals used to live. in 2007 and 2008 a plan for the homestead's renovation, which should take place in the following years, was made. Regional importance

Potential usability

The homestead Šturmajce is quickly becoming the central point of the Kanomlje valley, around which numerous values of cultural heritage are located. The tourist cultural society Kanomlja is trying, in cooperation with the homestead's owners, to revive the homestead. From 2009, when the Programme for the revival of the Šturmajce homestead and its inclusion in the tourist offer of Kanomlja was published, many activities have taken place at the homestead. An institute of agricultural knowledge was also established, while the emphasis was made on intergenerational connections. The intent is to establish the homestead as a new home of the ethnological museum of cultural and ethnological heritage of Kanomlja. After the homestead's renovation will be finished, it would also be profitable to set up some simple and not so pricy accommodations for all the visitors, bikers and hikers within the main house or in any of the surrounding buildings.

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