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Municipal Development plan 2007-2013 of Strelcha municipality

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Definition of cultural value in the instrument

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The municipal administration and the mayor of Strelcha, Local NGOs and LAG, the municipal development, the local community.


The abundance of cultural and historical heritage is assessed as a main strength of the municipality. The preservation and valorisation of cultural heritage is priority 3. This is envisaged to be achieved through the development of services in tourism as an alternative to diversify the local economy and also through investment in tourist infrastructure. A calendar of cultural events held in the municipality is developed and published for entrepreneurs in tourism. Development of new cultural and historical routes, specialised tourist products and animation, as well as guiding suggestions and visits to local craft manufacturers are among targeted activities. Partnerships with neighbouring municipalities in the field of tourism is also envisaged.


Municipal budget is not always sufficient to ensure co-financing of projects and therefore, some activities may be lagging behind. Tedious beurocratic procedures, documentation and reporting for projects funded by EU funds are often a burden for the staff in the municipal administration. Decentralisation of funding for the management of cultural heritage is still not sufficiently effective to provide freedom for municipal authorities to invest local income from tourism into cultural heritage management measures.

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