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Regional Development Strategy 2005-2015 of Pazardzhik region

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Definition of cultural value in the instrument

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Regional Development Council of Pazardzhik region, Regional Development Council of South Central Planning region, 11 municipalities within the region of Pazardzhik, regional NGOs and LAGs.


Defines the development of tourism as its second priority. Envisages measures for investment in tourist infrastructure and facilities and also investment in the development of historical and ethnographic sites for the purposes of tourism. Envisages measures for preservation and socialization of archaeological, historical and cultural heritage. Envisages the establishment of a regional association for culture involving all stakeholders. Envisages the participation in national and international art promotion events.


Being a regional development strategy this instrument gives only strategic guidelines for development and does not provide necessary targeted regional funding for operative implementation of its priority measures. It is rather of recommendative nature and relies on funding opportunities provided by the national Operational Programmes.

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