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Bodrog fest

The rich folklore heritage of Šokci population and other nations living in the area of Backi Monostor in Western Backa is promoted.

Brief description

Bodrog Fest got its name after a medieval town Bodrog on whose grounds Backi Monostor is situated. The story of the town is a mystery, because there is no physical evidence of its existence, except for the written ones. It is assumed that the town disappeared in the Danube waves, because it was situated right on its banks.

During the festival, folklore heritage of Šokci population (who are dominant in this community) as well as of other nations, who live with them in this area, is promoted.

The festival programme includes:

- Children's programme in the David Reeder Park (from WWF).

- Performances by folklore groups from the village and surrounding places, poem recitals and musicians on the festival stage in the village centre

- Parade of horse riders and merry horse-drawn buggies (fiacre)

- Performances by tamburitza players on the festival stage in the evening

- Concerts of bands on the stage in the park

An important aspect of Bodrog Fest is the promotion of nature and Special Nature Reserve Gornje Podunavlje (Upper Danube Region).

Today, the festival is an event for the presentation of the products made by the people of this community. The visitors to the festival can taste traditional gastronomic products (fish stew, meat stew (perkelt), fried fish, game stew, poppies and walnut pie, etc).

Everything is accompanied by numerous stands with arts and crafts and hand-made products made by famous craftsmen from Backi Monostor (products made by cattail product makers, clog makers, boat makers, broom makers, blacksmiths, basketers as well as souvenir products from honey, homemade brandy, jam and juice to hand-made crochet table cloths, blouses, as well as handmade clocks, wood carving products, etc.)



Bodrog Fest is an event with the aim of promoting the tradition and culture of Monostor, natural assets of the village and drawing attention towards Backi Monostor as a tourist destination.


Tourism Organisation of Serbia and Tourism Organisation of Vojvodina promote economic and tourism values as well as other values of the municipality of Sombor and Vojvodina in general to the visitors of the festival

The Municipality of the Town of Sombor and Tourism Organisation of Sombor provide agricultural producers and craftsmen with a chance to present their products because this is an excellent opportunity for an increase of economic and tourism values. It is also a unique opportunity to promote the products of numerous craftsmen and artisans from Backi Monostor to broader audience.

Backi Monostor local community use this opportunity to promote its settlement, local tradition and culture of Backi Monostor, natural assets of the settlement and to draw attention towards Backi Monostor as a tourist destination.

WHY is the best practice considered as good

Tasting of local products as well as active involvement of tourists in the production of the same create positive results.  This activity fits perfectly with local culture.

Local producers gain a chance to promote their production (local food, souvenirs), achieve sale and make profit.

WHAT are the measurable results

The number of tourists who visit the manifestation registered by Tourism Organisation of Sombor.

New opportunities created on the local level

Financial resources

Financial resources required to implement best practices, are divided into:
1.Financial resources necessary to maintain Bodrog Fest,
2.Financial resources to promote good practice (create a web site for the festival, brochures in Serbian, Hungarian and English on Bodrog fest that would be distributed at tourism fairs in the country and abroad).

The festival is organized by local community of Backi Monostor. The budget for festival organization is about 750.000 Serbian Dinars (approximetly 7500 euro). Each year, local comunity and each of the citizen associations try to provide financial resources through various projects and vacancies issued by the Municipality of Sombor, Provincial secretariats and ministries of the Republic of Serbia. The part of funds is provided by local caterers who paid registration fees in order to participate in the festival. The festival is usually finnacialy supported by the Municiplaity of Sombor, Provincial Secretariats for Culture and for Economy, and different sponzors, mainly public institutions and local entrepreneurs.

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

The creation/organization of an event focused on the promotion of a local community, local culture and agricultural production,  as well as whole tourism offer of this area, can be easily transferred to other territories. It is important to include as many local agricultural producers and craftsmen as possible, as well as local government, in order to achieve economic, social and cultural effects in the settlement of Backi Monostor and on the wider territory.

The help of the municipality of Sombor is economically justified.

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