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Botanic course: officinal herbs and herb tea

Botanic courses of looking and picking officinal herbs.

Brief description

The activity is carried out only in August, on Sundays. There are two different courses: the first one is carried out by a naturalist who helps tourists find “ancient” plants early in the morning. Afterwards, plants are used to prepare herb teas that tourists will taste and they will be explained how to prepare them. The second course is carried out by a botanist who will show how to use officinal herbs on the field, weather permitting, or through a laboratory class.



Valorising and exploiting the botanic heritage of the territory.


- for the Park tourist information centre : disseminating information all over the territory
- for “In Fattoria” : increasing the tourist attraction of the area
- for tourists: opportunity to know herbs and ancient plants of the territory and learning how to prepare herb teas, liquors, lotions.

WHY is the best practice considered as good

This is a good practice as it teaches how to produce and to use herbs, liquor plants and herb teas etc. It also attracts niche tourists and implement new jobs in the botanic and naturalistic sector.

WHAT are the measurable results

New opportunities created on the local level

As the activity was recently promoted, there are still no new jobs implemented.

Financial resources

There are no activation costs, except for the botanist and naturalist’s remuneration. Tourists will pay an attendance fee of € 15,00. The staff and raw material costs will be covered by dividing the incomes by 50% between the promoter and the teacher. Schools will take part from 2011-2012.

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

This is a good practice which can be transferred where similar natural characteristics are present (such as altitude).

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