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Branding, promoting and selling Sombor Cheese in wooden vat from Stapar

The product of cow milk is a result of a long-term experience and bases on favourable natural conditions in Vojvodina. It is protected as brand in the Office of protection of Intellectual Rights and in the Bureau of patent protection.

Brief description

The production  of Sombor Cheese is a result of a long-term experience, favourable climatic conditions and quality grazing areas. Sombor Cheese is soft, fatty, yellowish-white, with a few holes of the size of lentils or corn grain.

MIS (Milk Industry Stapar) Gulmlek, Volić family run enterprise from Stapar, has started its operation since 2000. They produce, brand and sell Sombor Cheese in wooden vat. The technology of nowadays Sombor Cheese is slightly changed due to fact that this cheese used to be produced from sheep milk, and MIS Gulmlek use cow milk as there is no sheep breeding in the area. When it comes to branding this cheese is among leading in Sombor and also in Vojvodina. That is why MIS Gulmlek protected its product as brand in the Office of protection of Intellectual Rights and in the Bureau of patent protection.

As production and demand for dairy products of the family dairy trade increased, there was a need to open a specialized retail stores. For now, one store is located in the sequence of shops in the Sombor chained open market and in settlement Selenča in Sombor. Products of MIS Gulmlek are, also, sold through retail stores in Novi Sad.



- Improving traditional technology of autochthonous product of Sombor Cheese and other types of cheese,

- Branding -  Sombor Cheese in Wooden Cheese Vat,

- Creating a product with the protected designation of origin and obtaining a characteristic of domestic health food and winning the award “The Best of Vojvodina”,

- Continuing family tradition.


"Gulmlek" Dairy in Stapar benefit form its production and selling its products, create new jobs and generate income.

Since the consumption of milk needed to make Sombor cheese and other dairy products has increased each year, breeders - subcontractors from Stapar and nearby rural settlements achieve higher economic profit.

WHY is the best practice considered as good

-  Expanding Sombor Cheese production opens opportunities  not only for the creation of new job posts in the dairy, but also for expanding agricultural production in the area,

-  This activity fits perfectly with local culture and business activity,

-  Increasing number of  subcontractors in the area,

-  Visiting a dairy and learning about cheese production process,

-  Awards of Novi Sad Fair from 2005 to 2008,

-  Sombor Cheese is protected as brand in the Intellectual Property Office of Republic of Serbia,

-  The Dairy is working on protection of geographical origin of Sombor Cheese (the project is running) and, also, Volić family want its products to be marked with the brand of healthy food.

WHAT are the measurable results

-  Dairy is still not open to tourist visits (there is a possibility of individual visits, but organized visits are not still planned - because of the process of production and hygiene),

-  Number of subcontractors (the high registered level of local participation),

-  The quantity of cheese sold in markets.

New opportunities created on the local level

- Strengthening cattle farm productio,

- Supporting traditional production of gastronomic products,

- Distribution of milk and cheese products to local restaurants and hotels,

- Strengthening of the catering sector.

Financial resources

Financial resources required to implement best practices, are divided into:
- financial resources necessary to maintain the Sombor cheese in vat (enable special space for receiving visitors, toilets, make a space where all dairy products would be exposed and sold to visitors),
- financial resources to promote best practices (brochure in Serbian, Hungarian and English, the description on the web sites of Tourism Organization of the Town of Sombor, Tourism Organization of Vojvodina and Tourism Organization of Serbia).

The Volić family opened enterprise MIS Gulmlek in its own house, based on family tradition and experience in milk and cheese production, from its own financial resources as well as from financial sources that were provided from national and provincial institutions in the form of credit.

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

This example of good practice shows how with the persistence and above all great love a traditional way of producing or family tradition can be adapted to modern trends and how other local (agricultural) products could be put on market.

Creation of holiday packages focused on the promotion of local community, agricultural production and traditional gastronomic offer can easily be transferred in other destinations.

It is important to include as many agricultural producers as possible, as well as local government, in order to achieve economic, social and cultural effects in the settlement of Stapar and on the wider territory.

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