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En Plein Air during Rose picking

Brief description

En Plein air during Rose picking is an initiative, in which annualy the municipal administration invites various artists and performers in the period 21- 27 May during the traditional local agricultural activity of rose-picking to stay and work in a host family in Strelcha. Inspired by the original economic activity artists gain inspiration from the local culture and express in their works of art their feelings and impressions collected during their stay with the local families. Afterwords, their works are exhibited in the local museum and/or galleries to visitors of the Rose festival and to tourists benefiting from dedicated holiday weekly packages offered by Strelcha municipality during the same period. Eventually, art dealers and galleries throughout the country present the works of these artists. Thus, art becomes a means to promote the original local endogeneous resources.




Employ the language of art to promote the unique local cultural value of rose-growing. Involvement of young artists from different places in Bulgaria and abroad to paint outdoors inspired by the ritual of the rose picking and exhibit their works during the Rose Festival. Provide tourists in Strelcha during this period with an opportunity to see these exhibitions and to watch the artists at the open-air painting.


The benefits for the Municipality of Strelcha clearly came from the higher number of visitors during the season of rose-picking and the art exhibition that grants improved economic sustainability and holds a potential for the development of tourism.
The Historical Museum
benefits from the higher number of visitors.
Owners of land cultivated with
oil-bearing rose benefit from the En Plein air since this is a great opportunity to gain publicity and make their brand of rose oil very well known.
Local travel agencies (tourism operators
) benefit directly from the sale of the holiday packages which include also visits to exhibitions and to the En Plein air.
The benefits for restaurant owners are the increased number of clients but also the opportunity to diversify their business with catering services.
The benefits for the Association of Culture and Art – “Luda Yana” wis the opportunity of promoting young artists from Strelcha and different places in Bulgaria and abroad participating in the En Plein Air during this period.
The sponsors benefit from advertising their production and activities.
Tourists and artists
benefit from the opportunity to have at their disposal a new opportunity to know, learn & experience something new that create contacts with local culture and traditional activity as well as to gain greater prominence through their works.
The local population also indirectly benefits from the higher number of visitors leading to higher incomes for retailers, tourism operators and craftsmen.


WHY is the best practice considered as good

Promoting the unique local cultural value of rose-growing and rose oil production through art is a way to reach out beyond the boundaries of the locality. Art works inspired by these values and the rituals associated with them could be seen in galleries and exhibition places nationally and internationally. Thus, greater popularity could be gained and hence, tourist interest resulting in a greater number of visitors during the rose-gathering season. This in turn contributes to the local economic development and employment opportunities.
On the other hand, this could be an opportunity for artists and especially young talents to demonstrate their capabilities and gain recognition, as well as generate income for them through selling their works to local tourists.


WHAT are the measurable results

Number of artists participating in the En Plein Air during Rose picking and in the Rose Festival.
Number of tourist visits registered during the season of rose picking by the involved tourism enterprises;
Number of visitors to the local art gallery/museum;

New opportunities created on the local level

Division of the Historical Museum with new paintings of young artists;
Encouraging young artistic  talents;
Encouraging local crafts.
Strengthening of the food/catering sector through opportunities for small-scale food production;
Fostering currently offered spa tourism through diversification of their tourist product;
Enrichment of the exhibition hall of the Art

Financial resources

Singular costs
To promote holiday packages focused on En Plein Air during Rose picking activities a singular cost of about 1300 EUR wais shared amongst the involved tourism enterprises of Strelcha and sponsor companies in order to make the event known nationally & internationally.

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

The most important local stakeholders must be involved with meetings and clearly provided information by showing in detail all the benefits coming from the action. It is also important to involve as a stakeholder an organisation supporting young artists in order to have a professional voice when organising the event and especially, when inviting participants. Additionally, an important stakeholder is a representative organisation of local farmers in order to provide contacts with hosting farmers’ families which is an important success factor for the event as artists will have their accommodation free of any charge and on the other hand, they will gain hands-on experience of local farmers’ life.
For this kind of best practice no economic investment commitment is necessary except for organising meetings and communication with stakeholders and possible participants.

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