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Farm games in Planina pod Golico

Interesting farm games are organised every year in Planina pod Golico. They include games for four member teams, which compete against each other in a humorous and entertaining competition, displaying their skill in old farm chores.

Brief description

Farm games are organised every year within the framework of the local festival in Planina pod Golico. The event is scheduled for the last weekend of August. The programme of the event includes games for 4 member teams, which compete against each other in a humorous and entertaining competition, displaying their skill in old farm chores. Every year, farm games involve three different disciplines, the only permanent game being the assembly of an old farm cart. The games require the competitors to show their strength, skill and inventiveness. The panel of judges consists of the elderly local farmers. The winning team receives a transitional cup, and all teams receive symbolic material awards. Entertainment programme with live music takes place after the games. The teams come from Gorenjska region, but also from Austrian Carinthia, as the event is traditionally attended by the citizens of Šentjakob v Rožu.

In recent years, the locals have been bringing some home-made food or drinks. The food gathered in this way – among which traditional dishes can naturally be found – is offered to all visitors free of charge.



The objective is to use farm games to raise awareness of the importance of preserving traditional skills and crafts as the local identity of these mountain villages. This is an entertainment event, thus one of its direct objectives is also to provide entertainment for the visitors.


Municipality of Jesenice – increased visibility of the municipality as a tourist destination; improved social life for locals.

Event organisers and promoters – increased visibility as tourism promoters and cultural heritage conservers in the region; increased numbers of visitors.

Local restaurants and inns – income from the sale of food and drinks at the event.

Event visitors – free of charge visit; new knowledge about the farm chores and games, socialising, entertainment, relaxation.

WHY is the best practice considered as good

At farm games, old farm chores are presented in a witty and amusing manner.

Visitors become familiar with articles and tools related to farm work.

WHAT are the measurable results

The number of visitors at the 2011 event: 200.

The number of participating teams at the 2011 farm games: 10.

The number of visitors has been constantly growing.

They come from an ever wider area of Slovenia.

The number of participating teams has also been growing.

New opportunities created on the local level

Establishment of a network of farm games organisers in the wider area and introduction of an unofficial farm games championship.

Integration of other ethnological contents in the event.

A possibility of establishing a local museum with a collection of farming tools.

Financial resources

The costs of the event amounted to approx. EUR 2,800 and can be divided as follows:

• promotion – EUR 600

• requisites, awards – EUR 500

• entertainment programme – EUR 1,700

It needs to be emphasised that event organisation, venue preparation, event management and the restoration of the venue to the pre-event state were carried out by volunteers – the value of their work was estimated at approx. EUR 1,500.

Possibility of tansferring the best practice

The transfer of the organisation of farm games is relevant for all rural areas; however, the programme of the games is best integrated into an existing cultural or entertainment event, as in this way it is easier to ensure the sufficient numbers of visitors and participating teams.

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